Discussing The Driving Policy For Company Cars And Accidents December 3, 2018 December 3, 2018 admin

In Louisiana, commercial drivers are required by law to follow state regulations. By accepting a job position with a company that provides a company vehicle, the driver is accepting responsibility for their actions when driving. A driving policy for company cars is in place to lower the frequency of auto accidents and lawsuits for the company.

No Personal Use

Under most company policies, no driver is permitted to use the commercial vehicle for personal purposes. The insurance secured for the vehicle covers accidents that occur during business hours. The insurance policy won’t provide coverage if it is discovered that the driver wasn’t performing job duties at the time of the accident.

Report Changes to Driving Privileges

Any driver who is convicted of a DUI or has incurred a driver’s license suspension must notify their employer. Commercial drivers just like other drivers aren’t allowed to drive if they do not have a valid driver’s license. A failure to report the change to their employer could deem their employer liable if an accident happens.

Unauthorized Drivers Cannot Operate the Vehicle

Drivers are not permitted to give authorization for any non-employee to drive or operate the vehicle in any way. The driver that is assigned to the vehicle isn’t allowed to let family or friends operate the vehicle regardless of the reason. The insurance coverage doesn’t apply to anyone who isn’t an employee of the company. If an outsider operates the vehicle, the company owner must pay out-of-pocket if a legal claim is filed after an accident.

Always Keep the Vehicle Locked

Most company policies require the commercial driver to keep the vehicle locked at all times. A failure to secure the vehicle could lead to auto theft and the risk of an accident increases. A failure to follow company policy can increase the probability of a lawsuit, too.

In Louisiana, commercial drivers could increase the risk of an auto accident by failing to obey the law. The circumstances of the failures could lead to serious injuries for any driver on the road. Company policies are in place to lower the risks and hold drivers accountable for their actions. Victims of accidents involving commercial drivers can contact an attorney right now.