Fraud Cases Taken by Aric Cramer March 14, 2019 March 14, 2019 admin

A charge of fraud is a serious offense that can alter events for the rest of life of those accused and their families. While fraud of any type is difficult to prove, even casting a doubt can result in people being treated differently. The first piece of information that has to be clear is what type of fraud has allegedly been committed. People accused of fraud often have no real sense of what the changes are exactly and what they mean.

Many Types

Some law offices limit fraud practice areas to specific types, such as medical fraud. This includes workers compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance fraud. That is a very small example of what fraud entails. An experienced lawyer in Utah, Aric Cramer, represents people accused of many more types of fraud than simply medical cases. Credit card, checks and forgery, mail and wire, and mortgage fraud are becoming more and more common, as are identity theft and government contract fraud.

Smart Criminals

In the technology driven and electronic age in which society operates, people can be committing acts of fraud under the name and personal information of someone totally unaware of what is happening. Criminals reap the benefits while innocent people are arrested and charged with fraud. This situation is a scary one because criminals are intelligent, tech-savvy, and have no problem allowing someone else to take the blame.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Learning the specifics of the charges, the evidence used to file charges, and how the fraud is supposed to have occurred will take time. A lawyer will need to investigate each incident, work with the accused to determine how the situation could have happened, and check bank records, internet usage, and mobile telephone records. Most people rely on the bank or credit card company to clear up any misunderstandings. Personnel will do their best but that will not help prove innocence if the case goes to trial.

Contact an experienced lawyer who has presented cases to a judge and jury on many occasions. Aggressive representation is imperative because it is likely the real fraudulent person will not be discovered. The burden of proof will be on the accused, so those charged must ensure they have a lawyer who understands how fraud works and how innocent people can be caught in the middle of the plans of a clever criminal.